Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

This is a marketing strategy where businesses use videos to create, improve, or promote awareness of their brands, services, or products. Video marketing has risen over the last few years to become the most effective digital marketing technique and it continues to become popular as more and more businesses and brands seek to influence rich media content in order to engage existing and potential consumers.

How Does Video Marketing Work

Companies using this strategy often share interesting and informative videos on their websites, on social media platforms or on YouTube and other video sharing sites. What makes video marketing very effective is that most people prefer watching a small video or slide rather than reading text. Videos are more visually appealing than a wall of text and are more likely to attract or draw the attention of a potential consumer.

How Video Marketing Supports SEO

  • When used together with other SEO strategies, video marketing becomes even more powerful as where written content needs some of the potential consumers’ time and effort to read and understand, a simple video easily delivers your message in a very short time. Studies have also shown that visual illustrations tend to stick longer in the viewer’s mind than a text would. This makes it easier for companies and brands to communicate a message to potential consumers and have the viewer thinking about a product or brand long after they have watched the video.
  • Another way Video Marketing aids SEO is by communicating to the emotional side of a potential customer. Where other SEO techniques make it easy for your potential clients to find you, incorporating videos in your website engages them. Once you capture their attention, they will be more likely to identify with your company or business when they see a video or testimonial from real people who have used your products or services. This makes potential consumers more willing to try your product or services, which obviously increases your business.
  • Another reason why incorporating videos in your marketing strategies is very important is because search engines love videos. In fact, both Bing and Google favor businesses which incorporate videos in their websites and factor this in ranking websites on their results pages. YouTube which is owned by Google (the biggest search engine on the web) is also the second largest search Engine and because of this, companies which share their videos on YouTube stand a better chance of becoming even more visible to potential consumers when their videos are indexed and ranked on the top pages of Google.

These are just some of the benefits businesses stand to gain by incorporating videos in their marketing strategies. However, what determines the effectiveness of this marketing strategy includes the quality, content, length and positioning. Focus should be on using short, interesting, and high quality videos.