Social Media Marketing

This refers to a marketing strategy that uses social media outlets like Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social networks as marketing platforms. Many companies and even small businesses use social media marketing to create awareness about their brands, promote new or existing products or services, and to interact with their customers and potential customers through tweets, blog posts, status updates, and online chats.

Can Businesses Rank Better as a Result of Using Social Media Outlets?

Studies show that businesses which engage in social media marketing seem to rank better on search engines like Google. However, while Social media is clearly important, this is just a correlation but does not really mean that Google actually ranks businesses which engage in this marketing strategy higher than those which do not.

Social marketing indirectly influences local rankings in that; Sharing can create links which may in turn lead to higher rankings. If a business that uses a social media outlet like Pinterest or Google+ shares a post which in turn gets widely shared , that website may get a lot of quality backlinks which can increase its ranking in the search engine pages.

In addition to this, businesses who have Google+ accounts can stand to benefit more from taking time to build their Google networks and to create quality content and share these content on their Google pages. This is because they stand to be indexed faster, given that Google+ is owned by Google which is also the world’s top search engine.

How Does Social Media Marketing Increase Conversion Rates?

Simply put, many people are easily persuaded to try a certain product or service from a particular company if that company has many followers in a social media network like Facebook. This is mainly because social media testimonials are seen by potential consumers as more credible and unbiased. For example, if someone saw a product or service that is being promoted on Facebook by a company or brand they recognize, they may be more persuaded to try the product especially if they saw positive testimonials from their social media contacts, whether they are friends, acquaintances, or strangers.

If they like that product or service, they can refer their friends to try it and so forth. Hence, a company can be able to increase its conversion rates by using social media marketing and optimizing this technique to target a particular niche of consumers.